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Fall Winter 20-21
1960s Twiggy
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Gallery: Fall Winter 20-21 — More Pen & ink, Photoshop stuff... Every February, Opus Art Supplies does their famous daily practice challenge. Kind of busy last year at this time and we totally missed ODP 2020. Anyways, figured we'd give it a shot for 2021, and yes, we actually managed to crank out a drawing every day for the whole month. In any event, here are a few of the resulting pics we came up with. You can check out all of our ODP stuff on our INSTAGRAM feed.

Featured Works : 1960s Twiggy  |  Ancient Sculpture Fragment  |  Groucho!  |  Ray Charles - Inked Version  |  Ray Charles - Pencil Version  |  Pencils, Photoshop Portrait  |  Nervous Fred Astaire  |  Belushi 1941  |  Louise Brooks Portrait  |  James Cagney Portrait  |  Charcoal & Photoshop Portrait  |  Classical Greek Sculpture  |  Corporate Bottom Feeder  |  Marlene Dietrich Photoshop  |  Pen & Ink Portrait  |  Ink Gargoyle  |  Cary Grant Portrait  |  Classical Greek Sculpture  |  The Ink Dragon  |  Pen & Ink Portrait  |  The Lion Man  |  Pen & Ink Portrait  |  Michelangelo's David  |  Tough Guy Robert Mitchum  |  A Night at the Opera  |  Scene from Kurosawa's RASHOMON  |  The Thin Man

Note that many of the items presented in these galleries are available for purchase from our various print-on-demand sites — links are provided where applicable. Regarding commission work... Certainly! If you have a project in mind that requires any kind of drawing, illustration or Photoshop work please feel free to contact us!