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Garage Trax  •  Season 1  •  Sept. 10, 1989

Date: Sept. 10, 1989   Host(s): John Tanner   Bands: The Hightops, The Melloyds, The Larry Volen Band, Sez U

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Anti-Social? Us? Heck No!
Yeah, OK, Facebook sucks, but... Join the crew over in the Garagetrax Facebook Group! Just knock on the 'ol garage door & for sure someone will let you in... Well, OK, you might wanna bring along a cold beverage or two just in case — you may have to bribe your way in.

Help Us In Our Continuing Quest...
You know that cardboard box full of old VHS tapes you've got stashed away in the basement? Thinking of chucking them out once and for all? Well, before you do, we're looking for the missing Garagetrax episodes! If you happen to stumble upon any of the old shows (or raw footage, memorabilia or whatever), we'd love to feature it all on YouTube and this here website!