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In this section we present just a few of the websites, projects, ideas and concepts that we've been focusing on in recent months...

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The Research & Development Department

In order to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is essential to keep up-to-date with new and emerging technologies. If your goal is to truly understand a technology and learn how to use it in a creative and innovative manner, you pretty much have to take a 'hands-on' approach. Here are a few recent examples of us being 'hands-on':

Video for the Web

One of the more interesting and useful new features included in the next major revision of HTML is support for native browser video playback. HTML5 allows you to embed...

Audio for the Web

Much like HTML5 Video, the markup for HTML5 audio consists of a list multiple <source> elements within a parent <audio> element (see the example below)...

Video Search Tool

Embedding a YouTube video on a web page is fairly straightforward, but what if you need something a little bit more dynamic and interactive? The YouTube Data API...

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