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PNE Centennial Jamboree 1966

PNE Centennial Jamboree - Vancouver 1966

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A Colourful Burst of Excitement!

Yeah, O.K. -- so maybe we missed the boat on this one by a couple of weeks — Actually meant to post this while the P.N.E. was still on, but only found the darned thing this morning. I guess the old filing system could do with some fine-tuning...

Check out the Teenage Dance Party page: Night Train Revue, The Shantelles, The Centaurs, The Nocturnals and The Guess Who. Way cooler than the bands they have nowadays (in my humble opinion, anyways)

"...and Barbara Woodcock with her troupe of elephants will delight youngsters of all ages!"

One thing that confuses me is why they'd call it the "Centennial Jamboree"? - if memory serves, Canada's centennial was in '67, was it not? Guess Canadians were so jazzed about their 100th birthday that they just couldn't wait.

CKLG Top 30 – Sept. 6 1974

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September 6, 1974 — Hi-Lites:

  1. I Shot The Sheriff — Eric Clapton
  2. You're Having My Baby — Paul Anka
  3. I'm Leaving It Up To You — Donny & Marie Osmond
  4. Radar Love — Golden Earring
  5. Tell Me Something Good — Rufus
  6. Shang-A-Lang — Tinkers Moon
  7. I'm on Fire For You Baby — April Wine
  8. It's Only Rock & Roll (but I Like It) — Rolling Stones
  9. Nothing From Nothing — Billy Preston
  10. Please Come to Boston — Dave Loggins

CKLG AM Vancouver — Top Thirty Singles for Saturday September 6, 1974.