Warp Seven Creative Technologies is based in Langley B.C. Canada

About the Author

Dave Rei

Dave Rei has worked with numerous Vancouver-area businesses and organizations over the past decade, helping them to establish, maintain and grow their online presence. His skill-set includes (but is not limited to) Web Graphics, Web Audio & Video, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript — kind of like a ‘Swiss Army Knife’ in terms of Web Design and Development.

Most recently, he has expanded his focus to include such areas of interest as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Designing/Developing for WordPress and, yes, blogging. Dave is passionate about learning, innovation and doing awesome, creative stuff with technology.

Of course, he’s not really from, nor has he ever been to Switzerland – although he would very much like to visit there one day. They tell him it’s nice.

You can connect with Dave on Twitter, Google+ or the Warp Seven Facebook page.