Old Steveston Lives On!


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The Gulf of Georgia Cannery, located in the fishing village of Steveston British Columbia, was built in 1894. For many years it was the largest and perhaps the busiest cannery on the Steveston waterfront, packing more than 2.5 million cans of salmon in 1897. That’s a lot o fish.

The cannery ceased operations in the late 1970s, but by then, the site had fallen into disrepair. (I took these photos around 1980 or so with an old polaroid – pretty scary-lookin’).

Luckily, the Federal Gov’t stepped up and purchased the property in 1979, and it’s now a National Historic Site and museum. If you’re in the area, check it out! – More info here

8 thoughts on “Old Steveston Lives On!

  1. Diablo 3

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  2. Rocio

    What a wonderful phto essay and sreeis of commentgs. My husband and i frequently go out to Steveston to cycle on the dykes and just to hang around. We are very faamiliar wioth most of the buildings and areeas you have photographed so beautifully. We’ve even taken some of the very same photographs with nowhere near the same effect. I am an ESL instructor of advanced level immigrants at VCC and I plan to have my students look at and read your comments as part of a project for them to get to know the major arfeas of the the Lower Mainland. This will be a wonderful addition. Would it be possible for me to use one or two of your photos as an enticement for them? Thank you. Michelle Morissette

  3. Jason

    I’ve lived in Steveston for 33 years and I’ve also noticed a tnaasformrtion over the years, but I think it’s for the better, as the unique buildings are still part of the Village, and now people have much more access to the shoreline with the boardwalk. This is the first place I take out-of-towners to when they come to visit. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, and I am very lucky to have a son-in-law who is also a photo buff, and has taken similar pictures for us all to enjoy. Two of my three children have chosen Steveston as their home as well, as they grew up there.

  4. Abdul

    Wonderful pictures and diasply of them. Congratulations on work well done. Our family has lived for many decades in Richmond and have always loved Steveston even when they were packing fish. We would look forward to the train going down Railway to Steveston on Wednesdays and returning on Saturdays (or vise versa) and loved the small village it used to be. In spite of the increase in population, Steveston still has the small town atmosphere and we love it. The pictures are so very true and descriptive of the area.

  5. darei Post author

    Hi there – you would be quite welcome to use any or all of these photos. Also, I’ve discovered an additional pic from this series – I will scan and post it shortly.

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