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PNE Centennial Jamboree 1966

PNE Programme

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Yeah, O.K. — so maybe we missed the boat on this one by a couple of weeks — Actually meant to post this while the P.N.E. was still on, but only found the darned thing this morning. I guess the old filing system could do with some fine-tuning…

Check out the Teenage Dance Party page: Night Train Revue, The Shantelles, The Centaurs, The Nocturnals and The Guess Who. Way cooler than the bands they have nowadays (in my humble opinion, anyways)

— and Barbara Woodcock with her troupe of elephants will delight youngsters of all ages!

One thing that confuses me is why would they call it the “Centennial Jamboree”? – as far as I know, Canada’s centennial was in ’67, was it not?