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Vancouver Canucks 1975-76 Yearbook

Vancouver Canucks Official Yearbook 1975-76

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UPDATE: NHL expected to cancel games up to November 1st. The hope is that the situation will be resolved and the regular season will begin November 2nd. Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t see that happening.

In any event, we continue with our ‘Vancouver Canucks of Old’ feature — Part Three: Vancouver Canucks 1975-76 Yearbook. Click the image to view the players.

Canucks 75-76 Season Record: 33 wins, 32 losses, 15 ties for a total of 81 points. Lost in preliminary round of the post-season 0 – 2 to the NY Islanders.

More Classic Canucks Stuff

Classic Canucks: Vancouver Canucks Program Covers

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OK, then. Regular season’s SUPPOSED to begin Oct 11 (nine days from today) Talks are on-going, but only "non-core" issues are being discussed (how’s that for a sense of urgency?). No hockey this year is our prediction.

In any event, as promised, more Classic Canucks stuff from days gone by. Won’t be long before we’re forced to dig out the VHS library of the ’94 Stanley Cup run. Let’s hope the ol’ VCR is still in working order.

Bummed About the NHL Lockout?

Bummed About the NHL Lockout? Vancouver Canucks Official Yearbook 1974-75

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Bummed About the NHL Lockout? Join the club. As the spectre of No Hockey This Season looms ever larger, we find ourselves regressing to a time, long ago, before greed and stupidity messed up the greatest sport ever…

Until this lockout foolishness is resolved, we will do our best to fill the void by focusing on choice items from our voluminous ‘Vancouver Canucks of Old’ collection. Part One: The Vancouver Canucks Official Yearbook 1974-75.

Worth Noting: This was Harold Snepts’ Rookie Season – HAAAAROLD!!

April 17, 1975: The NHL Playoffs!!

Playoffs April 17, 1975

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At the end of the 1974-75 regular season, the Vancouver Canucks finished #1 in their division with 86 points, earning their first ever berth in the NHL Playoffs.

So what if the Smythe (a.k.a. "Sweathog") Division was arguably the weakest in the league at the time – this was a scrappy, lunch-bucket team that had fought tooth-and-nail for every point, and they’d EARNED the right to compete in the post-season.

Dauntingly, their opponents were to be the legendary Montreal Canadiens. Although the Canucks surprised everyone by winning game 2 in Montreal, the Habs eventually took the series in 5 games.

Maybe not the most talented Canuck team to ever make it into the playoffs — but they were most definitely the first, and they had tons of heart!