Macromedia Flashback!!

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All Flashy Things Must Come to an End…

Back in 2010, Apple co-founder & then-chief executive officer Steve Jobs announced that Adobe Systems’ Flash would not be supported by any future iOS products, citing a number of issues including the platform’s horrendously inefficient energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices as well as the technology’s numerous security holes, just to name a few.

That announcement was pretty much all it took — not long after that, the popularity that Flash had once enjoyed seemed to evaporate overnight. Then, the arrival of HTML 5 sealed it’s fate — destined for the scrap-heap of obsolescence.

Of course, ol’ Steve basically hit the nail on the head — Flash was/is/will forever be a pretty crappy technology in terms of delivering content over the Web.

At the same time, I can’t help feeling a wee bit of nostalgia when it comes to Flash — it was, simply put, a real blast to work with.

Be that as it may, it would seem that Adobe has plans to discontinue the product by the year 2020. Kind of a shame if you ask me — for all it’s deficiencies, it was IMO a pretty decent 2-D animation program.

Looking through an old hard disk the other day & happened upon an assignment I did for a course I took ages ago — a Flash-animated intro/landing page for a imaginary Led Zeppelin fan site. Hot stuff back in 2005!

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