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Macromedia Flashback!!

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All Flashy Things Must Come to an End…

Back in 2010, Apple co-founder & then-chief executive officer Steve Jobs announced that Adobe Systems’ Flash would not be supported by any future iOS products, citing a number of issues including the platform’s horrendously inefficient energy consumption, poor performance on mobile devices as well as the technology’s numerous security holes, just to name a few.

That announcement was pretty much all it took — not long after that, the popularity that Flash had once enjoyed seemed to evaporate overnight. Then, the arrival of HTML 5 sealed it’s fate — destined for the scrap-heap of obsolescence.

Of course, ol’ Steve basically hit the nail on the head — Flash was/is/will forever be a pretty crappy technology in terms of delivering content over the Web.

At the same time, I can’t help feeling a wee bit of nostalgia when it comes to Flash — it was, simply put, a real blast to work with.

Be that as it may, it would seem that Adobe has plans to discontinue the product by the year 2020. Kind of a shame if you ask me — for all it’s deficiencies, it was IMO a pretty decent 2-D animation program.

Looking through an old hard disk the other day & happened upon an assignment I did for a course I took ages ago — a Flash-animated intro/landing page for a imaginary Led Zeppelin fan site. Hot stuff back in 2005!

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Are You Valid? Are You Void?

Well, this certainly ranks up there as one of the frikkin’ weirdest music videos I’ve ever seen… Remember watching this on the old "Nite Dreems" show back in the day.
Artist: Shrink 
Song: "Valid or Void" 
Year: circa 1979  Been hunting around for this one for a couple of years now, and finally it has surfaced! YouTube – gotta love it! PS: Thanks to Avex Design for their Responsive Youtube Embed Tutorial!

Bad 70s Technology (part 1)

Led Zeppelin IV Eight-Track

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The Much-Maligned Eight-Track Tape

Doomed to the scrap heap of obsolescence, this one easily falls into the category of "Well... It seemed like a good idea at the time..." Of our fairly substantial eight-track library, which at one time included such classics as KISS ALIVE! and the first BOSTON album, only three tapes survive.

From Wikipedia: "... some of the inherent deficiencies of the Stereo 8 format that contributed to its decline:

  • High wow and flutter due to the constantly changing load presented by the sliding tape pack
  • Tendency to jam as the tape got dirty, the lubricant wore away, and the tape was exposed to heat
  • Flattening of the pinch roller, over time, when a cartridge was left plugged in, causing increased wow and flutter
  • Inability to attain and maintain head alignment due to the movable head design.

"... by the late 1970s, when sales of eight-tracks slipped, (record companies) were quick to abandon the format..."

There were, of course, other factors that contributed to the demise of the eight-track — not the least of which was the fact that record companies often had to resort to outright butchery in order to fit an entire album on a tape: note that "Rock and Roll" on the Zeppelin eight-track has been split into two parts — it just fades out in the middle of the song, then clicks over to part two. As if no one would notice!

Then again, pulling apart and removing the guts out of a busted 8-track cartridge often provided a jim-dandy place to hide your stash. Yeah, kinda miss the 70's.